SYNOPSIS: Robert David Michaels is in Key West to decompress after being dumped by his fiance. He is in his hotel's cocktail lounge one or two beers over the line when he notices his all-time favorite singer sitting one stool over from him.

They talk and she invites him to her concert at the amphitheater that evening. She is attacked on stage, or would have been, but for Robert's intervention. He owns a chain of martial arts studios in Tennessee. The attacker was high on PCP and other things, wore an explosive vest, and had a knife.

Robert was seriously injured when he fought the crazed attacker but he protected the singer and the audience as well.  Before he can fully recover the singer and her mother are kidnapped and held for twenty million dollars ransom. The singer's father is a powerful banker and financier whose company employs a large and skilled security force. 

A rescue is mounted but it falls once again to Robert to fight for the singer's freedom. His opponent is strong and fast and Robert still has stitches in his shoulder and chest. Does he have the grit to dig deep? Can he find a way to save this woman he has loved in his mind for so long? Because now that he has met her, that love is very real.

My First Romance Novella

Here is my first romance novella. It is available as an eBook through Kindle. If you have Kindle Unlimited as I have, you can read it for free. The price to purchase is only $1.99

Please use the link below to find the story on Amazon.