Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a science fiction novella that draws from many ancient philosophies and teachings. And one eternal constant. A terrible thirst for revenge.

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Identity Theft                                The Second Coming No One Saw Coming 

 The American Ambassador to the Vatican, along with several million others in and around Rome, witnesses the landing of a spacecraft on St. Peter's Square. She is instructed by the CIA to get inside the Vatican and report. She speaks several languages and they need an interpreter. Meredith Bennett, along with her ambassador duties, is also a CIA asset. Rumors run rampant that this is the second coming of Christ. The one man who exits the spacecraft denies that, saying his name is Mitras and he is here to gather the faithful. His boss, Ahura Mazda, will be there in three days to cull the unfaithful. Since no one follows Mithras or Ahura Mazda, the culling is going to be catastrophic for the citizens of Earth. Can Meredith Bennett, working with Mithras, save the people of Earth in a mere three days? Or is it already too late?